New twist in housecleaning

Our town recently negotiated a new contract with our trash company that includes recycling costs. Before, it was optional, and I was interested in it. I was even willing to pay the extra money. What I wasn’t willing to do was put my recycling in an open bin. It gets windy here, and our neighbors that used them had trash blowing out of them constantly on trash day. I have lost count of how many beer cans I’ve picked up in my yard, and we rarely drink beer. I refused to annoy my neighbors the way I was being annoyed.

Included in the new contract was a 96 gallon trash can with a flip-top lid. Much better! Now I’m fussing at my family and pulling soda cans and paper out of the trash. I have a dedicated recycling can next to the trash. The caveat is that when I’m cleaning, I have to do separate piles. Just a little while ago I was going to toss some old magazines in the trash and caught myself. Now my office trash is full, and I have a stack of old magazines to take down with it. Right now it’s not annoying enough to stop doing it. In fact, it’s rather entertaining when Eric puts something recyclable in the trash and I follow behind him and take it out. His long-suffering sigh and rolling eyes more than make up for the extra work.


2 comments on “New twist in housecleaning

  1. Jean says:

    We have no recycling program that I can find here in Central TX (despite the advertisements to do so in the paper — Please recycle! — but no inkling about how or where). Hubby saves aluminum cans and sells them, so we rinse and crush them. There is a bin for newspapers behind the elementary school, so I periodically toss a stack of newsprint in there.

    So, unless I want to rinse and save every recyclable and take it back to San Antonio with us when we go and put it out (in the open container) for recycling there, it goes in the trash. Neither are my preferred solution.

  2. Henry Taylor says:

    Global warming is political propaganda, but the amount of waste being perpetrated on our earth today is totally underestimated in its long term, accumulative assault on the natural order.
    Your motive and efforts to recycle what can be reused is the faith in the future that is much more widely needed today. Keep it up, — even those skeptics around us will join in, if what has happened in our household is any indication.
    Sometimes it seems a losing battle as the sheer volume in the advancement of technology outpaces the ability to recycle its output.
    Our prayer for mankind can include the fact that there is infinite renewal in God’s creation, and human efforts can and should pattern the divine in our individual and collective recognition of the integrity and usefulness of all that He creates.

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