I’m still here!

The last set of parents left this morning. Now that I’m on a desk top computer, there were things I put off doing while they were here, so now I have catching up to do. Totally worth it, of course.

Graduation was great. Such a relief to have that over with. I hope to post pictures soon, including proof that Elvis sat in front of me. (How’s that for a teaser?)

We get to do all this again the end of next month when Eric gets his Bachelor Degree, and the week after that, the Boys will be here. How can it be time for the reunion already? All this company has been the perfect excuse to go through stuff and get rid of what I’m not using. I just have to keep going. Top priority right this minute is to catch up on my computer work and clear off my desk. The next priority will be to read the 5 books the library borrowed for me from another library so I can get them back before the due date. I have a sneaking suspicion that by the time I finish all of them, I’m going to be thinking in a Scottish brogue. That’ll be fun! It won’t come out of my mouth; I can’t do a decent Scottish accent to save my life.

So, moving right along…


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