Almost zero hour

My parents arrive today. All of them. Hi, I’m Wendy, and I’m a red-headed stepchild. 😉

I’ve used this occasion as an excuse to do some spring cleaning. Nope, it wasn’t enough to merely clean in preparation for company. I had to draft a list as long as my arm of things that had to be done RIGHT NOW, and I kept adding to it. One of those things was to spackle and paint some dings in walls in a couple of rooms. When I went to get the paint, I had to go through nearly a dozen paint cans to find the right colors. I didn’t think we had that many different colors in our house. The main areas are pretty uniform, and the ones that are different are variations on the same pallet. That’s when I realized: Daaaaannng, we have a lot of colors in this house, and they’ll probably all have to be repainted a neutral color before we put the house on the market. (No, not anytime soon.)

That’s what happens when you live with white walls in military housing for the best part of a decade.


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