Ode To A Kindergartner, Part II

Last fall, after Vicky left for her last first day of school, I blogged about her first day of school. Today is the end of the journey.

Well, almost. She doesn’t graduate until this weekend, but today is her last day of high school.

It’s so hard to believe. Part of me is sad to be done with this part of my life, just as it wrenched my heart just a little to take her to school that first day. Another part is excited about the future. She won’t be leaving us for a couple more years yet; she’s going to school locally and saving us room and board. Still, she’ll have a greater amount of independence, and so will we. The way I figure it, we’ll have a built-in cat sitter for a couple more years!

It’s hard to move from one stage to the next. There is always that little part of me that wants to stay put where I know the lay of the land and all the expectations, but kids grow up for a reason. It’s so parents will grow up, too.

Sometimes I envy my friends who waited until their 30’s to have their children. They’re calmer parents. They have more disposable income and worry less about keeping food on the table than we did when we had toddlers. They can start funding college funds a lot sooner. Then I look at my life and realize that having my children young was a good move for Eric and me. We’re still young enough to have adventures, and we’re closer to being able to afford them than we were 20 years ago when Alex was a baby and we were both enlisted with a mortgage. We have a different, bigger mortgage now, and will soon be paying for college for two, but Scotland is so much closer today than it would have been then!

Twelve and a half years ago, when I took my baby to her first day of Kindergarten, I felt the shift. I knew things would be different not having her at home with me all day. Our world is shifting again, and we’ve learned to celebrate it. Congratulations, Vicky, on a job well done and a long journey completed.

One comment on “Ode To A Kindergartner, Part II

  1. Joy Boots says:

    Seems like yesterday my little girl graduated from high school and left home -that was 26 years ago. Each phase of life has something special to offer. In our golden years now we have slowed down a bit – but the thrill of the ‘growing up years’ never really leaves. I am so proud of you and Eric and the life you have built together. I am also proud of Alex and Vicky, knowing the bright future they hold – and knowing that we are all grounded in the Lord.

    God bless you and yours, Love, Mom

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