Things I Don’t Get 2

Why can’t Hollywood get CPR right? They never do it in the right order (clear airway, rescue breathing, wait, and THEN chest compressions), and they never seem to do any of the steps right. Even TV doctors get it wrong.

I understand there are probably logical reasons to completely flub it. For one thing, if they did it exactly right, they would hurt the actor they’re working on. Also, people would think they can get CPR training from watching Law & Order/CSI/etc. However, there will always be people who think that because they’ve seen it on TV, they can do it. Those are the ones who end up killing people by trying to save them. It’s like people who think they learn History by reading historical novels. The novel may very well be accurate, but authors make mistakes. We’re people, and no matter how hard we try, we’re never going to be completely accurate. Sometimes it’s a matter of new findings. There is an on-going debate in the living history community about whether some costume parts are period correct. (Those, by the way, will never go away because the only accurate examples we have of what was worn are in paintings. Finding an actual article of clothing that was worn is extremely rare because clothes were worn out. If an extant piece is found, it’s usually because it wasn’t comfortable or functional, and someone stuffed it in a trunk and forgot about it.)

I digress. Sorry. Anyone have a logical reason why CPR is never done right on TV? I’m stumped. And annoyed.


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