I’m back! You didn’t even miss me, did you? That’s fine; my cats did, and that’s enough for me.

Eric and I decided a short change of scenery was in order, so yesterday we checked into the Ameristar in St. Charles, MO. After an early dinner (I stuffed myself on Rissotto Carbonara; his pork chops with white bean ragu would have been a more sensible choice), he headed into the casino and I retreated to our room with its view of the Missouri River. This time of year, all the rivers are flooded and the Missouri was no exception. I couldn’t see land under our room, although I don’t think it was very deep close to the hotel. I goofed off for a while, but I did put in some research time. I’ve decided on two characters for the next book and started a list of questions I need to research.

Today, after we checked out, we headed for Main Street. St. Charles was where the Lewis and Clark expedition started, but it was established in 1769. The street and sidewalks are brick and lined with shops and restaurants. For a history lover/shopper such as yours truly, it’s just about heaven on earth! We did a little shopping; actually, in one particular store we did quite a lot of shopping. At Thistle And Clover, Eric finally blew his Christmas money on a kilt and some accouterments. (I have his permission to blog about it, but pictures will have to wait!) He got the Black Watch tartan, which is pretty generic, and we learned that we may have been wrong about which clan his family is from. We thought they were a small sept of the Campbell clan, but according to the store’s name search computer program, the Blantons were a border clan in their own right. That means more research. Campbell tartans are easy to come by, but the Blanton tartan may be private.

The coolest part was when we finished shopping. We came out of Thistle And Clover, and a group of boys in British Army uniforms were playing fife and drums in the pavilion across the street. They were so darn cute in their uniforms I could hardly stand it! They were finishing as we stepped outside (we heard them inside but assumed it was a CD playing in the shop). A little while later, we were waiting for our lunch on the patio of one of the restaurants when the corps marched past, and about 15 minutes later, they went back the other way! I didn’t think to ask our waiter if that was a regular occurrence until after we’d left.

*sigh* I wished we lived closer to St. Charles!


One comment on “Escape

  1. Jean says:

    I thought it was awful quiet. Glad you had a good time!

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