Things I Don’t Get, Part I

***Disclaimer: I’m not slamming anyone. As the title says, these posts will be about things people do that I don’t understand. If you care to engage in civil conversation, feel free to leave a comment. Since my mother and a few other relatives read this blog, I am reserving the right to delete comments that contain foul or abusive language or are otherwise just plain ugly.***

Why do people use pictures of their kids as their Facebook profile pictures? Yes, I know, the kids are adorable, but they’re not you. For some reason it doesn’t bother me when people use pictures of their pets or other things, but the kid thing gets under my skin a little. Just a little. Like, say, a mosquito bite. To me, it says, “My kids are my life. There is nothing else, and there never will be anything more important, end of story, amen.” If that’s the case, well, I’m not sure whether to say, “You go, Super Parent!” or “Sweetie, you might need to get out once in a while.”

Don’t get me wrong. I love my kids like I love no one else in this world. They are all the way up at the top of my list of Important People In My Life. They’re just not my whole life. I have parts of my life that they don’t intersect with and, I’m sure, have no interest in intersecting with. We’re all fine with that. The problem with your kids being your whole world is that they grow up and go away. Then what? Your whole life just left for college, Mom. What do you do now? That’s why I’m torn between jealousy and pity.

Also, it bugs me a little because if I’m looking for someone I know on Facebook, I’m looking for their face, not their child’s. Unless I know their kids, I’m going to miss them among the other five thousand people with their name. That part of it is right up there with people who don’t use a profile picture at all. I guess the bottom line is if you want to be my friend, you’re either going to have to put your mug on Facebook, or Friend me yourself. That will be less confusing for all of us. I’m the one hiding behind my cat.


One comment on “Things I Don’t Get, Part I

  1. bonniers says:

    People who post their kids’ photos prominently on Facebook or other social networking sites should be aware that pedophiles increasingly scout for victims through social networking. You wouldn’t put a poster of your kids, with information to locate them, on the back of a bus stop shelter, but that’s just about how open a profile picture is.

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