More road blocks

I sat down to plow through some words today only to find that, for the second time this month, my current document was missing words. This time it was two days of words instead of one. I closed the document and tried to reopen it from my saved version from yesterday, and none of the three back-ups would open. Then I tried to open the previous day’s back-ups. And the ones from the day before that. None of them would open. Luckily, I exported what I had to a text file last week so I could print it. I’ve probably lost a few thousand words at this point.

I have e-mailed the software website and hopefully they’ll have a fix for me. I’m not keen on learning new software in the middle of a project, but that’s the way it’s looking. I was able to import the text file into a trial version of Scrivener (the new software). Several of my friends swear by it, and I’ve been thinking of buying it, but thinking is as far as it’s gotten.

If I don’t hear back from the guy who wrote Write It Now in a timely manner, I guess I’ll have to switch. I don’t need my old software helping with procrastination. If there weren’t so many unfinished projects cluttering up my hard drive, I’d call this a sign that I’m supposed to abandon this and move on, but my gut tells me it isn’t. Hopefully this is the last glitch.

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2 comments on “More road blocks

  1. Jean says:

    Scrivener is lovely — not for everyone, but lovely just the same. Version 2+ has so many wonderful features, I don’t know where to begin using them.

    The problem you’ve been experiencing is not a procrastination helper, it’s worse than that. Procrastination just means you don’t get the words written, but to get them written and to have them disappear is painful and counterproductive in the worst way.

  2. tambo says:

    I’m so sorry. I wish I knew of a way to help. {{huggs}}

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