New adjectives

As a historical writer I have to write about things that modern people have a mere concept about. I’m a visual, hands-on kind of gal, so I decided the best way to write about something was to learn to do it. To that end, I bought a spinning wheel, a small loom, and knitting lessons. Learning to use them has been informative and often cathartic, and they’ve given me new adjectives with which to describe myself. I’m twisted,* warped,** and use heroine.*** Every day is a novel experience. What are your adjectives?


*In more ways than one. Spinning is all about the twist, and knitting has some, too, but sometimes twist in knitting is a bad thing.

**The vertical yarn on the loom is called warp yarn, and that’s the pain in the rear part that has to be done before the weaving can start. It took me about five hours to warp my loom for the first solo project.

***Although, to be fair, I use heroes, too, and villains.

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