New Vocabulary

This week I had to oil the leather bearings on the maidens of my spinning wheel. When I realized it was going to take longer than an afternoon for the oil to wick all the way to the top of the leather, I decided to warp my heddle.

It’s still a mess, and this is after a good three hours of work. That’s about 90 yards of warp yarn on a 10″ loom to make a scarf 4′ long by 5″ wide. It still seems like an awful lot to me, but that’s how the measurements came out.

That’s not the only new vocabulary I’ve had to add. The rest is “why not”.

I saw my doctor the other day and learned two things. First, my vitamin D level is very low, which explains why I’ve been so tired and fuzzy headed lately, and why I felt better the week I was in Florida. Second, my bathroom scale has been lying to me; it says I weight five pounds less than my doctor’s scale does. I looked up my body mass index (BMI) online when I got home, and I have about one pound before I leave the healthy range. I’ve been hovering at the top end of the scale for a while, but now I’m almost officially overweight. Not where I want to be.

I have realized in the last couple of weeks that, as much as I dislike it, I’m going to have to exercise more. I bought a Pilates DVD that allows for different combinations of workouts, and that has helped. The basic one runs about ten minutes, which is doable no matter how busy my day is. I prefer yoga, and the Y near me teaches a class twice a week, but I have avoided it because it’s at 6:00 in the morning. I’ve joked that I could manage the corpse pose at the hour, but not much else. Turns out I was wrong. The class is on my days off, so even though I have to be out of bed no later than 5:15, I do have the option of a nap later in the day if I need it. I decided there was no reason I shouldn’t go, especially since I have a friend who has been taking the class faithfully for about two years and has invited me on more than one occasion.  That will give me that accountability I need.

I have found, strangely, that even ten minutes of exercise in the morning gives me an energy boost that lasts through the day. I’ve had a really hard time getting anything done lately, but in the last few days I’ve felt a little better. Once I get my vitamin D levels up I should see even more improvement. Too bad kicking myself for not realizing this sooner doesn’t count as exercise. I’m adding yoga to my list of things I’m thankful for; it’s saving me from training for a marathon.


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