New toy

My spinning wheel came in the mail last week. It took some time to get it put together, but I finally did, and as you can see, I’ve started spinning. It’s not nearly as hard as I thought it would be, but like everything else it takes practice.When I chose the finish, I had no idea it would match so beautifully with the chair I already had in my office (which, once upon a time, was in my Grandma’s dining room).









I took it to a “spin in” at my local yarn shop last weekend, and the ladies there all agreed I got a really good deal. It came with the upright lazy kate (used for plying multiple skeins together to make thicker yarn), five bobbins, the niddy noddy (used for making a skein when unwinding the bobbin), and two pounds of fiber.










It didn’t even take as much rearranging as I thought it would to make a space for it. It was about an hour’s work, and I got some cleaning done in the process. If you’re interested, here is where I got it. It’s a Kromsky Polonaise. I think I could easily get myself into trouble; Kromsky makes looms, too, and one of them folds up with the work still attached for easy traveling. Fiber arts are addicting. Consider yourself warned.

3 comments on “New toy

  1. Mom says:

    Love you new spinning wheel!! Will the folded loom fit on an airplane (just kidding)? It does match the chair perfectly.

    LOL, Mom

  2. Jean says:

    Nice. And that loom sounds really practical. Ahem, but who am I to encourage you.

  3. Sonia M. says:

    Beautiful spinning wheel! I bought a drop spindle and some wool roving to learn spinning for a story I’ve been thinking about. The character uses a drop spindle and I thought I’d try actually using one before I wrote about it. It’s very calming.

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