St. Francis de Sales proposal

Since everyone is so interested in celebrating St. Valentine’s saint day, I would like to propose that we begin celebrating St. Francis de Sales Day on January 24. (That’s a Tuesday next year.) He is the patron saint of writers and journalists, and looking over his page at, I can see why he was chosen for us.

First, He was a master procrastinator. He knew for 13 years that he had a vocation in the church, but he didn’t act on it because he wanted it to be in God’s time. It took three clue-by-fours before he finally gave in.

Second, he wasn’t a great preacher. The people thought he was making fun of them.

Third, he was stubborn. He decided leave France for Switzerland to convert the Calvinists back to Catholicism. He went door to door every day for three years (once even sleeping in a tree to avoid wolves) and never converted anyone. He kept trying, though; he wrote his sermons and made dozens of copies, and then pushed them under doors (the first known use of a religious tract). Between that and being kind to the children to get the parents to talk to him, he converted 40,000 people. Better luck with the written word and goofing off with the kids. Who better for our patron saint?

I propose that for St. Francis de Sales day, people everywhere should show their appreciation for the writers in their lives by giving chocolate, massages, housecleaning, and a freezer full of dinners. Then leave us alone for a week. We have work to do.


4 comments on “St. Francis de Sales proposal

  1. Sonia M. says:

    Great post! I know just what I want for my St Francis de Sales Day!

  2. Mom says:

    When I saw de Sales Day – I was sure you were going to say we should all go shopping for the day – I thought that sounded pretty good – I stand (begrudglinly) corrected. Good thoughts

    Love, Mom

  3. wendyblanton says:

    Actually, shopping occurred to me, too!

  4. You got my support for this!

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