New variation of Here After Syndrome

The older I get, the more I suffer from Here After Syndrome (HAS). In case I haven’t defined it, it’s when you walk into a room and think, “What was I Here After?” I’ve always had it, but it’s become more pronounced with age. Now it’s leaked into my web surfing. I was just reading Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. Ree (the Pioneer Woman) was out of town for a few days, and when she got back, she posted several pictures of their snow covered ranch. It made me think of something I wanted to look up, but I didn’t do it right then like I should have. Instead, I finished the post, and then one more for good measure. Then I thought, “What was I going to look up?” For the life of me, I couldn’t remember. I had to go almost all the way back through what I had read before I remembered what to look up. This all important topic? The weather.

Pitiful. So, so pitiful.


One comment on “New variation of Here After Syndrome

  1. Um… so you’re saying, welcome to the hereafter? I thought it would be different than this!

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