I got home about 1:00 this morning from the Alafia River Rendezvous.  We had fun, as usual, and the weather was pretty typical for that rendezvous:  Hot, cold, wet, dry and windy.  Yesterday we woke up and it was 35* in the tent.  Luckily our friends had their stove going inside.  They offered us coffee and a warm place to sit, and wound up feeding us breakfast too!  That’s also typical of that rendezvous.  We camp in the same area every year, and I know my Alafia neighbors better than some of my neighbors at home despite only seeing them one week a year (unless we run into them at another event).

I was able to refine my technique with a drop spindle, had my current story partially gutted by an expert in fur trade history, and have all but talked myself into buying a spinning wheel.  Now I have smoky clothes to wash, luggage to air and put away, and writing to catch up on.  My e-mail is cleared out, and that’s an accomplishment in itself.

Time to go make a cup of tea and start unpacking.


5 comments on “Back!

  1. Henry Taylor says:

    Your writing technique makes me care even about the details of your experiences. Why? First you grab my attention with something unexpected but enmeshed with those details of life that we all share and, thus, enabling me to identify with what your writing, even the peculiarities that are not in my experience. Oh well, at least I think that’s what I mean.

  2. wendyblanton says:

    Oh, thank you! Knowing I have actual readers makes me want to blog more!

  3. I’m an actual (if occasional!) reader! Glad you had a good time. 🙂

  4. Jean says:

    OK. I guess I don’t count. 😉 At least your found out the fur problem BEFORE you put the book out there. I hope you can find a fix.

  5. Wendy says:

    Of course you and Valerie count, Jean. Maybe I should have said new readers? Finding a fix for the fur trade is workable. I have to do a little more research because there are conflicting opinions about whether the fur trade was still active in southern Ohio in the early 1790’s. Worst case on that is I’ll have to bump my time frame back a couple of decades, and the land grant will have to be from the French and Indian War, not the Revolutionary. It’s a good thing I ran a possible scenario past him because I found out that one would have to be very stupid to stab himself while skinning a beaver, and my character is not stupid. I’m thinking he will be coming back with his beaver and be attacked by a hungry mountain lion. That might be more fun anyway. 😉

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