Sticking a fork in it

It’s been a week. Not a hard week, especially, just busier than usual.

Good news first: I’m as packed as I can be for my trip. My laundry is done. I’m taking Alex back to school tomorrow, which means a long day in the car, hauling his stuff up a flight of stairs, and shopping for perishables to stock his kitchen. I’ll come home tired and crash (hopefully), which means getting up for my 6:30 a.m. flight on Sunday might not be as tortuous as it usually is.

Bad news: I only wrote 3,705 words this week. It’s way, way down from what I wanted. I’m nearly 2,800 words short of my word count goal, not that I’m going to let it stop me from leaving town and having fun. They’ll still be here when I get home, but part of my brain is self-flagellating in a corner because I’m trying to develop the habits of a professional writer, and these ain’t them. I keep having to remind myself that it’s not about word count this month, it’s about getting in the habit of writing regularly. I really am trying hard not to beat myself up about that fact that I should have written in two days max what I wrote all this week.

So that’s where I am as of now. I may get a second wind tomorrow and write more. It’s happened before. I’ll have a good three hour drive by myself on the way home, so I might figure out what I need to do to finish this horrific first draft so I can turn it into something (hopefully) sellable. I’m resisting the temptation to delete the whole thing and start over.

Enough whining. Time to go spend some quality time with the hubby, maybe curl up and read for a while, and head to bed early. Tomorrow will be a lot brighter.

(BTW, if anyone is interested, this is a cross-post with Createslate, the blog I write with some writer friends. Come check it out sometime!)


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