25 Years Ago Right Now

I was sitting in the Military Entrance Processing Station in Detroit, anxious to leave for the airport, where I would board a plane to San Antonio and the next chapter of my life.  I don’t recall being overly excited or anxious; more like equal parts of both.  I know basic training would stretch me.  I knew it would be hard, but it was only six weeks.  I knew my life was going to change in a big way.  My family doesn’t have a military tradition like some families do.  I went into the Air Force to get my education, knowing full well that getting the GI Bill money might mean deployment to a less-than-desirable location.  I wasn’t too worried about that, partly because we were not in any conflict at that point, and partly because I was 19 and not especially worried about anything (except maybe living through basic training).

On that day, I had no idea how drastically my life would change.  I had a game plan:  I’d get through Basic and tech school, get established at a duty station, and my high school boyfriend (who had one more year of high school) would follow in a year.  We knew we would have to get married at some point to qualify for a joint spouse assignment, preferably before he left for Basic, but we hadn’t made any firm plans.  Thank goodness.  By Easter, I abandoned that plan, although the boyfriend didn’t know it until I went home in July.

My new plan was to date lots of different guys, not getting serious about anyone for a while.  I’d been through a string of boyfriends; I was ready for a string of non-committed guy friends.  That plan got abandoned in August when I met Eric.

Of course, I didn’t know that 25 years ago today.  I just knew I’d taken the first step into my new life.  There is a reason God is the only one who gets to experience time in a non-linear fashion!

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5 comments on “25 Years Ago Right Now

  1. Joy Boots (Mom) says:

    Where has the time gone?? In some ways it seems like yesterday – at other times it seems like an eternity has gone by. I am so pleased with the direction your life has gone – just wish you were a little closer. Today is snowy just like it was 25 years ago!

    We have both grown immensly through the years – in God’s grace!!

    I love you, Mom

  2. Henry Taylor says:

    Wow! This is so well written. It’s revealing and suspenseful at the same time, moving the reader along at furious pace just to find out more. Yet, when the ending comes, it’s sweet and satisfying Re the ending: Scripture has it that there shall be time no longer.

  3. wendyblanton says:

    Thanks for the review, Uncle Hank! 😉

    Mom, it makes me wonder what the next 25 years hold. I’m almost afraid to wonder!

  4. Jean says:

    I don’t remember exactly what I was doing 25 years ago today, but I was assigned to the 3272 Technical Training Squadron as a basic electronics instructor at Lackland AFB. We were writing a new basic electronics course — on paper, for the data entry person, because we didn’t have desktop computers in those days. Within a few months, I’d be moving to the office that wrote mobile crypto gear courses — back then, there were dedicated machines for such things, and those machines were classified. Now, they’re all in museums or declassified (except when they have codes installed).

    Oh, and the Cold War was still going on. Remember that?

    So much changed in the last twenty-five years. Some of it for the better, some not so much. Looking forward to the next 25 and praying it will be worth it.

  5. wendyblanton says:

    Oh, right, the cold war was still going on. And I was at Chanute AFB when we bombed Libya. They looked down the base, like it would really be a target in the middle of a corn field!

    Looking at the way technology has changed since then, I’m afraid to wonder what we’ll have in another 25 years. I find myself wondering how my mom ever survived our teen years without cell phones! I remember getting my first computer at work. I’d turn it on in the morning, go pour a cup of coffee and say hello to whoever was around, and when I got back to my office it would be just about ready to go. 🙂 Those were the days, man…

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