Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.  It’s been relatively quiet here.  Alex had a friend from college visit for a couple days, which was great fun.  We also went to see TSO, and they were wonderful as usual.  Their stop in St. Louis was the last for the year, but you’d never know from the show.  The band was, no doubt, pretty darn tired from touring virtually non-stop since October, but they all seemed to enjoy the show as much as we did.  They had a couple of new twists.  They did more video and less pyrotechnics, and they had two hydraulic platforms that went over the audience.  This is the first year Angus Clark didn’t do the running tour of the arena since we’ve been going, but the new string mistress did run right past us and high-fived my kids, which was the highlight of the show for Alex!

Probably the biggest excitement around here lately were the tornado warnings we had yesterday.  As long as we lived in the south, we never had tornado warnings before on New Year’s Eve.  We didn’t get anything but thunderstorms, but parts of St. Louis have a lot of tornado damage.  The news coverage last night was just amazing.  If you saw anything on the news, we’re all right, but there are a lot of families in the area who will be in temporary housing for months while they rebuild.

This week things will return more or less to normal.  Vicky goes back to school, Eric and I will go back to work.  Alex will still be here for a little while but we’re not sure when he’ll be going back.  It depends on if he’s moving into the frat house, which we’ll know later this week.  I’ll soon be packing away Christmas decorations and trying to get my house back in order.  We have closets to clean out and other fun things like that.  It will be good to get into some semblance of a routine, at least for a couple of weeks before I make my annual pilgrimage to Florida later this month.

So that’s what’s been going on here.  What about where you are?  Did anyone get snowed in with the in-laws?


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