Slow going

I’m getting words.  Pretty good words, I think.  Christmas is coming quickly, though, and time is getting away from me.  I still have shopping to finish, but I’ve done what decorating I’m going to do.  I still have to get ready for Alex to come home, and I need to plan and shop for Christmas dinner.  Maybe I’ll have a little more time for writing in the next week or so. The funny part is that while I’ve been getting other things done, I’ve been antsy to get to my computer to write, but when I get here, I procrastinate by goofing off on-line.  It’s more common than I realized; I heard a lot of people talking about that at the conference.  In fact, it surprised me the number of Big Names who said that, and I wanted to ask how they had seen me through my upstairs window!  I didn’t, of course.  I talk a big game, but if you put me at a table with those people I become the High School Wall Flower again.  That’s the easiest way to get me to clam up!  Of course, there are always instances when I don’t know who I’m talking to until I’ve put my foot in my mouth!

Anyway, I’m getting words.  The story is over 54,000. No, I still don’t know the ending, and it still doesn’t have a proper title.  The story has a mind of it’s own, and I’m content to let it play out.  If I was on an actual deadline, that would be entirely different, but if I was on a real deadline, the shopping, planning, and decorating would be delegated, and I’d be telling the family to quit whining or wash their own clothes.  Maybe I’ll get to that point sometime!


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