A Tale of Two Pantries

I can totally relate with Charles Dickens:  “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

I was excited to finally be getting my pantry remodeled.  The white wire shelves did not help keep my pantry organized.  I could never find anything.  I had to wait six freaking weeks for them to have an opening for my install.

The downside is that I had to empty my pantry.  You wouldn’t think that four L-shaped shelves would hold so much.  I’m not posting pictures of the contents.  I did take before pictures once I got it emptied and clean, but for some reason the date thingy on my camera messed up after I took them and after I reset it, they were gone.  I got good after pictures, though.




I have just about everything loaded in and still have room to spare.  It looks like I’ll have storage space for small appliances, which is what I asked for.


2 comments on “A Tale of Two Pantries

  1. Joy Boots (Mom) says:

    How wonderful!!

    I am VERY impressed!! You aren’t turning into your mother are you?!?

    Love, Mom

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