Done. Sort of.


When we left on our mini-vacation Tuesday evening, I was 2,000 words behind because I spent all of  Tuesday running like a maniac to get everything done.  I did about 700 words in the car.  We got home about 4:00 yesterday, and 25 hours later, I finished the last 7,032 words.  The story is not finished yet.  It doesn’t even have a proper title.  The plan is to have my own personal Novel Finishing Month.  I am sure it will end up under 100,000 words, so getting it done before Christmas shouldn’t be a problem.

I did discover over the weekend (“weekend” in this case being Wednesday through Sunday) that I have friends and family members who enjoy reading about the writing and the process I use, so I’ll just keep on like I have been.  If it’s making you crazy, drop me a line.

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