Coming up for air

I had this all ready to go last night.  Then I got distracted and didn’t post it.  Duh!  The last week has been a real humdinger.  Nothing catastrophic, just life demanding my time and attention.  Doesn’t life know it’s November?  Come on!

This week is going better.  I’ve caught up for the third time this month, which is good because with Thanksgiving, I’m down to 4 writing days.  The good news is I only need 7,645 more words, and I might be able to sneak a few in while I’m visiting with family.  Maybe.  If not, it’s all good.   Really, the truth is, while I’m pretty confident about finishing NaNo, the book won’t be finished by Dec. 1.  I’m planning to keep up the daily writing until it’s done, although not at the pace I’m keeping now.  I expect I’ll finish somewhere around 75,000 words, but I’m not sure yet because I don’t know the end.  I only know the high points to the part where the hero and the heroine get married.  It might end there, but I can’t be sure.  This is a rather strange experience for me, but I really like it.  Of course it will make it more difficult in the future when I have to do a proposal before I write the story, but that’s what practice is for.

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