Poor Frank got lost in the shuffle

I was preoccupied with the birth.  It was a long labor–about 24 hours start to finish in story time, but three days of writing time.  We finally had a baby boy last Thursday–Peter Matthew Whindom, for anyone who wants to know–and it wasn’t until today that I realized that Peter’s Uncle Frank (who is about 10) had disappeared.  He hadn’t been seen for two whole chapters, and I never missed him.  In my defense, I have to say that the birth took place at Frank’s sister’s house, but the whole family, minus Missing Frank, was present for the blessed event.  (No, they were not all in the room with her.)

I debated editing Frank out of the story altogether since he disappeared in Chapter 5, but I do have something for him to do later.  Before we get to that, though, I have another birth, a death, a possible disappearance and some conflicting emotions to sort through.  It is possible that I could get someone else to do Frank’s job for him, but not anyone who is currently in the story, so I guess Frank is staying.   The solution, then, is to make a note in the Notes Section of Write It Now to work Frank into Chapters 6 and 7 when I edit.  It’s an easy way of passing the buck, really, but at this point, word count is king.  Speaking of word count, I’d better get back to it.  I’m behind again.


2 comments on “Poor Frank got lost in the shuffle

  1. Joy Boots (Mom) says:

    Might Frank have slipped into his own little world away from everyone, feeling he was being displaced or replaced by the baby asnd was not wanted anymore? After the baby was born, he was missed and knowing that he had his own little hide-away it did not take long to find him and bring him back into the family.

    Just a thought, Love, Mom

  2. Eric says:

    Don’t forget that my Darling wife had a Birthday this week! Happy Birthday my love.

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