Caught up!

I had a good writing day today and a really good one yesterday.  My total word count is 23,104, a whole 4 words over my goal, but over.

So far I’m really happy with the way the story is flowing.  I don’t know the end yet. I have some idea, and I have plot points, but I don’t know the whole story and that’s a good thing as far as I’m concerned.  In past years, I have known the beginning and the end, and my haste to get to The End caused me to sag and falter in the middle.  This one is much more like writing Rogue Pawn was.  I didn’t know I’d hit the end until I typed the words.

The other good thing is that my research seems to be paying off.  I’ve had very few times when I’ve had to stop and look something up, and those times were because something in the story surprised me.

I have learned one really cool trick, thanks to a blog post by Camy Tang.  When I get to a spot and don’t know what’s next, I knit.  So far the tactile activity has sparked the creativity enough that to this point I have not completed one row at a time.  That makes knitting a little tricky because when I pick it back up, I have to remember which way I was going, but it’s been great for writing.  I’m going to get a basket to put next to my desk with my knitting project, drop spindle, and wool.  There are lots of similar things I can do if I run out of knitting or spinning, although I’m finding it addicting enough to doubt that will ever happen.

Speaking of spinning, I’m thinking of buying a spinning wheel.  I could get lots of books written if I had a spinning wheel.  🙂

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