NaNo update

We are nearing the official midway point, and I have been behind for nearly a week.  I got busy last Friday, and by the time I got home, I was too brain dead to write.  That hurt me, but not critically.  Sometimes it’s more important to spend time with someone special than stick to a schedule.  I have been down this road enough times that I’m not worried.  The story is flowing and I have picked up some techniques to keep it going.  It’s more an issue of time, for the most part.

The absolute worst case scenario is that I will get so busy that I won’t hit 50,000 words by midnight on the 30th.  In the grand scheme, it’s not a big deal.  This year, NaNo isn’t so much about word count for me.  It’s about learning to manage my life and still write on a deadline.  I may never get a writing contract, but if I do, I’m eventually going to bump up against a short deadline, and I need to be able to meet it come hell or high water.  I can’t let the Day Job or a sinus headache get in my way.  In the last year I have made progress as a writer.  I think I have finally found my voice and my craft is getting tighter.  I’ve learned that sometimes, when the story won’t come, it’s because you’ve derailed it someplace and you have to backtrack to Albuquerque.

All that said, I still feel good about being able to hit at least 50,000 this month.  My word count as of now is 18,894.  If I don’t hit 25,000 by Monday, there is something wrong.  I’m trying to update word count on the NaNo page and Facebook every day if you want to track my progress because I don’t know how much I’ll be here.

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