Me in metaphor


This is the tree in my front yard.  I came home from running errands and when I pulled into the driveway I noticed that some leaves were part green and part red.  I realized that’s me!  It’s not so much that I’m changing.  We all change, every day of our lives, if we’re doing it right.  I’m older than I think I am, battle scarred with a few extra curves and lines on my face, but not lacking in character.  I’m not like anyone else. (Aren’t you counting that as a blessing!)  I’m at the age when I talk to my kids on the phone and pretend I don’t hear their eyes rolling.  I pretend not to hear them thinking, “Okaaayyyy, Mom!” or “*sigh* She means well.”  How do I know they’re doing that?  It hasn’t been that long since I was their age.

Soon my leaves will be completely red, and then they’ll turn brown and crumbly and blow away.  Someday, so will I.  In the meantime I’ll accept that my beauty is different but no less beautiful.


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