It’s almost *that* time again

NaNoWriMo is just around the corner.   I have spent October doing research and working on plots and characters.  I”m feeling pretty good about this one, but a little cautious. I usually start off with a bang, and by the middle of the second week I have the beginning and the end written.  It’s the middles I struggle with.  I’m really hoping that plotting a little more carefully will alleviate that problem.  I might need to take some time each week to touch base with my characters, to look at what’s been happening in the story and think about how they would react to what has happened so far.  Maybe that will help.

Of course, there’s a hitch in the works.  We’re doing an extended family Thanksgiving this year, which means I’m taking four days off at the end of the month.  I just set my goals, and I can take those days off and still finish a day early if I do 2,000 words a day.  That’s only 333 more words a day than the minimum.  I would love to have the full 50k done before the holiday madness starts, but we’ll see how it goes.  I might be behind and need the extra day for buffer.

By the way, if anyone is looking for me on the NaNo website, my user name is lostmymind.  I don’t go into the forums much.  Frankly, when I’m writing that much, the last thing I want to do is chat online!  For my Facebook friends, I promise to try not to whine too much, but a promise to try is the best I can do.


One comment on “It’s almost *that* time again

  1. Jean says:

    I’ve finished before the big festivities before. It’s very doable.

    I starting browsing around for Mother Nature today and discovered on Wikipedia that “Later medieval Christian thinkers did not see nature as inclusive of everything, but thought that she was created by God, her place lay on earth, below the heavens and moon.” This aligns perfectly with her sassing God when he hassles her about the weather being all screwed up in the weekly staff meeting. (I’m attempting to write in the “Satire, Humor, Parody” category this year. I know God has a sense of humor, but some people don’t.) I hope to have some fun with this one.

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