Research for fun

We went to Borders last night and, since I have enough fiction from the conference to get me through the rest of the year, I scoured the non-fiction for research material.  That’s where I found “Colonial New England On 5 Shillings A Day.”  I almost bought it based on the title alone!  I did thumb through it and it’s full of interesting little tidbits.  For instance, Paul Revere’s best silver coffee pot sold for 17 pounds, which was “a bit more than an entire year’s rent for a modest Boston house, but a lot less than you’ll pay back home.”  (Page 123)

Under the heading of Some Things Never Change (from page 117):  “Harvard was New England’s only college until 1701, when ten clergymen met to found a “collegiate School” in Saybrook, Connecticut.  The reason?  The learned and very conservative divines had decided that Harvard’s curriculum had already become too liberal.”

I found those just thumbing through.  I think I will take it to read before bed.  Perhaps I’ll find more tidbits to bring back tomorrow.  Won’t that be fun?


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