Why did the wooly caterpillar cross the road?

I have no idea, but they were out by the dozens yesterday.  I tried to dodge them but I’m afraid a squashed a couple.  Sorry, but if it’s a choice between squashing a caterpillar and driving my van into a ditch, the caterpillar is going to lose every time.  I couldn’t help but wonder why they were crossing the road.  Don’t they know about cars?  Doesn’t it make them more likely to be seen by a bird?   Wouldn’t it be better to wait until they turn into a butterfly, and then fly across the road?  Then it occurred to me that maybe the warm road felt good on their hundreds of little feet.  It’s certainly smoother than dirt, and they wouldn’t have all those weeds and blades of grass to go around.  But it’s so open, and so much more dangerous.

As I watched them march across and tried to miss as many as I could, I thought about how much like us they are.  We often take the easy way in life without thought to the dangers we might encounter.  So many people take the path of least resistance even though it’s often the road less traveled that leads to greater satisfaction.

Just a thought.


One comment on “Why did the wooly caterpillar cross the road?

  1. […] a goose, walking down the middle of the road.  No idea why.  Maybe he was looking for woolly caterpillars.  We got just about up to him and he didn’t budge.   He didn’t flinch when Eric […]

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