Post Conference

Fair warning.  I got home a little over three hours ago.  This probably will end up being the first post conference post because I’m still digesting three days worth of information communicated via the stuff and cram method.  Really, it was about a week’s worth of information crammed into three days.  It was sort of like taking size ten hips and stuffing them into Spanx and size six jeans.  That’s how full my brain feels right now.  (I know, it ain’t pretty.)

I did two smart things early in the weekend.  First, I plunked down the cash for the recordings to every session.  I don’t need them all right now, but that allows me to listen to anything that was talked about at my convenience.  It’s especially great because there were time slots with two workshops scheduled that I wanted to go to, and I haven’t gotten around to cloning myself yet.

Second, I threw my name in the hat for a drawing at the Zondervan table.  I didn’t think anything more about it until yesterday morning.  I was working in the book store when a woman ran in yelling my name.  The she yelled, “They need you in the general session!  Run!  Run!  You won the iPad!”

So I did run.  Screaming like a little girl.  It came with a thumb drive filled with Zondervan books, which is going to be a lot of fun once I figure out how to set the silly thing up.  Unfortunately it’s not a plug it in and play right now thing, but set up seems to be fairly painless.

I did talk to an editor and a mentor, and while I didn’t pitch anything, I did learn a lot and my focus is a lot sharper now.  I also got to meet my old friend Valerie and hang out a fair bit, so that was a lot of fun.

I was right, this is going to be the first post.  I thought I had more to say, but then my iPad beeped and now I’m going to go play with it.  Back soon!

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