Vacuum sealed writing

The tomatoes in my garden have not been producing well this year and I have resorted to buying tomatoes at the local farmers market.  The few I am growing will not be enough to make salsa and sauce.  Yesterday afternoon I spent an hour or so standing at the kitchen sink, cutting and seeding 13 lbs. of tomatoes.  I decided to vacuum pack and freeze them for now, and get them out to make  sauce this winter when I want to heat the whole downstairs.

Vacuum sealing tomatoes is a little tricky because they’re so juicy.  I tried draining them in a colander after cutting, but they were still too juicy, so I added a coffee filter-lined plate to the process, and that helped.  The last two bags went a lot faster than the first one.

When I was writing my morning words this morning I realized the corollary between freezing tomatoes and editing.  When I start to edit, I have a big batch of tomatoes.  To get it ready to go to beta readers (and in the future, editor and agent), I need to cut it up, take out the fluff (adverbs and weasel words), tighten the sentences as much as possible, and then stop before I lose the work I have done.

I must be getting better at this writing thing because I find metaphors in the strangest places.


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