Book signing #2

Five hours.  Two trips to the car to set up all my stuff.

Half a dozen fellow writers.  Sort of.  One of them had a four hundred page, hand-written manuscript that her friends all loved, a particular friend was willing to publish if she bought the paper.  I wished her good luck.  The others wished me good luck.  If I was looking to start a local writers’ group it would have been a productive day.

One bee sting.

One potential sinus infection from sitting outside for two straight days in the pollen.

Two more books sold.

At least the weather was nice.  After the signing I took the family out to dinner and skipped my class reunion.

On the plus side, I didn’t try to drown my sorrows in a cup of coffee.  I keep reminding myself that Jesus got run out of his home town for doing what God sent him to do.  At least everyone is willing for me to come back, but in the future, I will be selling on consignment here.  I’ll sign the books before I send them.


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