Book signing #1

Traffic was very, very light on the street yesterday.  We did everything we could to be noticeable, even going so far as to take the table outside the store.  Mom hung out with me and a friend came by the table mid-way, and that’s when we sold books–5 in ten minutes.  Then it died out, the sun shifted, and I got a touch of sunburn.

Not the results I wanted.  I have left copies at the store on consignment.  Hopefully the farmers market will be more successful.

On the plus side, of my three customers, two were people I had never met, and the third was a friend of my parents’ who had been to my first signing here.  The last time I had only one stranger; the other copies of Rogue Pawn went to family and friends.   I also had a nice dinner out with the parents and my little brother.  Amazing how good food and a little caffeine can affect my attitude!

In spite of the disappointing results so far, I am doing my best to remain optimistic and learn all I can from the experience.  We put a lot of work into advertising; maybe too much.  It could be that the area is just too depressed.  Half of Main Street is for sale or rent.  If I have a lot of books left when I go home I will set up a signing there and see if it goes better.   I have to keep reminding myself that no experience is wasted if I learn from it.

More to come.


3 comments on “Book signing #1

  1. Just got back from a day with some moments like that. It’s a long journey my friend, but better to be out there than never try at all. Keep at it.

    I hope you’ll visit my site. On My last post there’s a link to a TV clip that includes a brief discussion of my book, “The Mandolin Case,” and a short clip of some triple mandolin work with my pals Darin Aldridge and Wayne Benson. I thought you might enjoy it.

    Come visit. As far as I know I’m the world’s only physician bluegrass fiction writer. They gotta at least concede I’m unique.

    Dr. B

  2. “No experience is wasted if I learn from it.” Exactly. When I had my book signing in Sallisaw a couple years ago, only one person showed up. And she was a friend. So … this year I’m not having a signing there for “Floozy and Other Stories.” For whatever reason, Sallisaw isn’t profitable for me. (Worth nothing that Sallisaw is also in a depressed economy. Maybe if the economy ever picks up, I’ll try there again.)

    What kind of store were you signing at? Was it a book store? Was Friday a traditionally busy time for them?

    And it’s good that you could leave books on consignment. Remember that advertising messages often don’t yield immediate results. Getting your name out there helps this books, your previous books, and your FUTURE books.

    Having a book signing is something to be proud of, and I’m proud of you.

  3. Joy Boots (Mom) says:

    No time is wasted when a mother and daughter can spend hours together. I will have fond memories of this past weekend! Looking forward to Thanksgiving!!!

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