Homage to a Kindergartner

She’s a Sagittarius.  She has always had an opinion about everything and her own way of doing things.  Her independent streak is a mile wide; when she was two, it was bigger than she was.  Sometimes I think the ‘different drummer’ she marches to is STOMP.  My boss used to grin at me after I had signed in and ask, “So, what did she wear to school today?”

More often than not, my answer came with rolled eyes and was along the lines of, “Pink tank top, lime green leggings.”

The only thing about her bigger than her independent streak is her love of art.  It doesn’t matter what kind of art:  painting, sculpting, drawing, photography, she loves it all.  Her first work of art was a mural:  red crayon on flat white paint.  That’s when I discovered the miracle that is called Goo Gone.

Today my baby starts her last year of high school.  She has come a long way in the last twelve years; lots of ups and downs, crying over math lessons (usually me, not her), and the usual growing up angst.  But as she takes the first step toward Pomp And Circumstance, I’m thinking about the Kindergartner who skipped to school on her first day, got in line with the other kids, and, when they were walking inside, turned to look at me with apprehension in her eyes, as if she thought I was going in with her.

I grinned and waved.  “Have the best time!  I’ll be back here to meet you in a couple hours!”

She smiled back nervously and went inside, and when she was well out of sight, I did the happy dance and went home for a couple of hours of solitude.  When I picked her up, I found that she had, indeed, had the best time.  What more could a mom want?

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One comment on “Homage to a Kindergartner

  1. Eric says:

    My baby girl is almost grown up. I remember her when she used to sleep on my stomach. I remember when she used scissors to cut hers and her barbies hair. Not sure which of them needed the haircut more 🙂 It been a pleasure to watch her grow up into an independant young lady who questions why something is done the way it is and doesn’t really accept the “because i’m the Dad and that is the way it is going to be” comments.

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