Such a Floozy!

I have been meaning to tell you all that my friend, Stephen Bagley, has a new book out.  It’s a collection of articles he’s written over the years, plus a couple of new ones just for the book.  It’s a great vacation read–funny, insightful, and a little quirky.   Some might even bring a tear to your eye.  One thing I can tell you for sure: Do not drink a cup of coffee while you’re reading this book.  Unless, of course, you like coffee-stained pages.  I’m not saying how I know to tell you that.

Stephen is not just a friend, he’s a mentor.  He is a wealth of information on marketing and selling books, and he is more than willing to help when one of his suggestions goes awry.  He came to my rescue when Print Place didn’t like the artwork for my bookmarks.  It’s always good to have a friend with Photoshop!

Floozy isn’t Stephen’s first book; he has three others, and you can find them all here!  Go forth and buy his books!  They’ll look lovely on your keeper shelf next to my books.

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