Be comfortable in the discomfort.

I was in a yoga class this morning and one of the poses we did stretches the bottom of the foot a little more than normal walking.  The instructor said, “It’s okay for there to be a little discomfort in the foot.  Be comfortable in the discomfort.”

I have no idea why, but that phrase brought tears to my eyes.  How often do we avoid things that make us uncomfortable?  When did pain and trial become socially unacceptable?  Was it in the ‘if it feels good, do it’ Sixties?  Or is it something more recent?  Maybe it’s human nature.  Whatever the cause, avoiding discomfort can have serious repercussions.  From a physical standpoint it can keep us from eating the right foods and getting enough exercise.  Mentally it can keep us boxed in and trapped in our comfort zone.

Whatever difficulties you may be facing today, be comfortable in the discomfort.


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