Two hours of my life I’ll never get back

We went to see “The Last Air Bender” this afternoon.  Overall, it was a good movie.  The effects were impressive and the story moved right along.  There was no gratuitous sex, nudity, or language.  I saw themes that impressed me, like not running away from what you’re meant to do.  Even the battle scenes were cool, and I get bored with battle scenes.  There was not a stereotypical villain type; good guys and bad guys were of all races, but they were easy to tell apart by their uniforms so it wasn’t confusing.  I was pretty enthralled.

Until the end.  This isn’t a spoiler per se, more of a heads’ up.  It’s the first of a trilogy.  If I’d known that going in, I wouldn’t have left the theater mad.  I would have been focused on the good points of the movie and would have been quoting my favorite lines on the drive home.  Instead, I left in an angry tirade because if I want to see how the story ends, I have to go back twice more.  It’s going to cost me another twenty bucks, minimum, depending on if ticket prices stay the same or go up.  It’s going to mean the investment of at least another four hours of my life.  At this point, I’m not sure I’m willing to go there.  I might change my mind in time, but right now I’m thinking that the very best they’re going to get out of my for the rest of the trilogy is the DVD rental.

I know lots of people like cliff-hanger endings and gut wrenching twists.  I like to know ahead of time that they’re coming.  I’m with Lauri; tell me the spoilers so I can enjoy the frigging movie.


One comment on “Two hours of my life I’ll never get back

  1. Stephen B. says:

    Well, because I have a little boy running around in my life, I watched the cartoon series, which was excellent, and better than the movie. The cartoon was funny, sad, wise, magical. I suggest you give it a viewing someday.

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