Most expensive $40 tire ever

I took the van to a body shop today to get an estimate for repairs.  The plan was to pay for the out of pocket if they were near or below our insurance deductible.  Turns out the damages are going to run into the thousands, and the repair shop is backed up this week.  I drove home again and called the insurance company. Turns out that because the tire self-destructed, it’s considered comprehensive damage, as opposed to collision that would have caused the tire to shred because something hit it.  That’s good because comprehensive damage doesn’t cause my insurance rates to go up.

Once I get the estimate from their appraiser I’ll make an appointment to get the repairs done.  It’s not a huge deal right now.  We can work around it, and I’ve got approval to get a rental car if we need it. We might need it, too, because with no right turn signal it’s safe to drive but not legal according to state law.

All I can say at this point is that I’m glad I was driving when the tire went and not one of my kids.


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