Trip report

I now have not one but two signings set up for August, plus the potential for a reading at the library.  I figured if I’m going all the way to Michigan to promote the books, I might as well work while I’m there.  I’ll be at The Bookshelf August 27th, and at the Lapeer Farmers Market on August 28th.

We got a lot of work done in the four days I was home.  We designed color fliers and had them printed (full sheet and half sheet), played with some bookmark designs, and decided I should do t-shirts (for us) and coffee mugs (to give away in drawings).  I did a newspaper interview, and I have two more papers to call.  Hopefully they’ll do phone interviews and I can e-mail a photo.

I did get to play some.  I got to spend Father’s Day with both of my dads, which was really great.  I’m so blessed that my parents have put their differences behind them so we can all be together.  Mom and I hit some flea markets, and my favorite find was “Dr. Chase’s Third, Last And Complete Receipt Book And Household Physician, on Practical Knowledge For The People.”  It has recipes for home remedies for people and animals, as well as some food recipes, household tips, bee-keeping, and gardening, and was published in 1887.  What tickled me right away were the two hand-written recipes that were pinned (with straight pins) to the first inside page, one to cure rheumatism in pigs, and the other called physic for cows.  I suspect Dr. Chase will add a little color to my stories!

I did have a little more excitement than I wanted on the drive home.  In Indiana, my right front tire shredded.  The flying rubber dented the quarter panel, ripped the trip, and blew the turn signal clean out.  I was going to try to change the tire myself but thought better of it, considering I was on the freeway and semis were going past at 65 mph.  I’m pretty sure it was smarter to call roadside assistance for a tow truck.  I was only delayed an hour and change, and it was still daylight when I got home with two new front tires and the loose end of the trim zip-tied to the frame.  Once the fear adrenaline dissipated I was very thankful that it went while I was driving, and not when Vicky was on a country road at night coming home from the boyfriend’s.


One comment on “Trip report

  1. Stephen B. says:

    Your publicity activities sound great!

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