Evidence of rodent damage

A critter took up residence in my compost heap over the winter.  We thought it was a mouse, but now I’m pretty sure it’s a vole.  It’s been hanging out in my garden and apparently has found some tasty grubs around my potatoes.  At least two plants are dead; the other three don’t appear to be too far behind.  I can’t say I’m heartbroken.  My record for homegrown potato yield is two dinners.  I’ll go to the hardware store tomorrow and see if they have anything for organic grub control.  If I can get rid of the grubs, the vole will leave on its own.  I think I’m going to look for some fairly mature tomato plants while I’m there.   It occurred to me that potatoes aren’t the best use of my space.  I should concentrate on growing salads, salsa, and spaghetti sauce.  That’s what we use a lot in the winter, so that’s what I should raise and preserve.  It’s only taken me four years to figure that out, but it’s early enough in the season to fix it, I think.  Next year I’ll be able to plan better.

Why yes, I must do everything the hard way.  I have a Master’s Degree in Stubborn from the School of Hard Knocks.


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