crazy busy

Sorry I haven’t been around this week.  I’ve been at work.  25% of our staff (that’s one person, btw) is on vacation, so of course this is the week we had reservations for three large groups (two of which, I think, turned out to be larger than they’d said), a cooking class, a couple of impromptu gatherings, and a catering gig for 200 on Sunday to get ready for.  We had customers who had never been in before, and we had the world’s two best tippers.  Our saving grace was that my starving college student is home and he came to wash dishes for us.  We needed help, he needed money, so it was a win/win situation and you’ve never seen a prouder mama than I was when he saw stuff that needed to be done and did them on his second day.  All the angst and heartache on the last almost-20 years was worth it.

We’re pretty well over the hump now, but next weekend will be crazy again.  We have a shower, rehearsal dinner, and wedding reception (not all the same group).  I have new work shoes, though, so I’m good.  My paycheck is going to be great!

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