Don’t force it. Get a bigger hammer.

My grandpa was a firm believer in working smarter, not harder.  If he couldn’t pound a nail with the hammer in his hand, he got a bigger one.  It was sort of his philosophy for all of life.

Sometimes a bigger hammer isn’t the best choice.  Sometimes, you need a different hammer, or a different tool altogether.  I’ve found this weekend that sometimes a pen is better than a keyboard.  The keyboard is easier on my wrists, but words are pouring out of my pen.  My plot is untangling.  I may reach my July 1 goal of having this story finished with a proper title.  Another two or three written pages and I should have it.  The story.  Not the title.  I think the title is going to be tricky.

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2 comments on “Don’t force it. Get a bigger hammer.

  1. courtneykane says:

    I like the old-fashioned pen-on-page action too.

  2. Jean says:

    Titles have been coming to me like crazy lately. Stories? A little slower. I create a new Scrivener project whenever one comes to me, jot in what I know about it, and move on. There will be a time in the not-too-distant-future when I need to write again, and I’ll have choices of what to work on.

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