I don’t want to make too much of this, but I think I have figured out how to fix an old story. First it was disorganized, and then it was stalled. It dawned on me recently that I’m trying to fit the story into too long of a time line. I was having trouble coming up with enough story that wasn’t day-to-day boring or soap opera dramatic to fill the amount of time I thought I needed. If I start further in and use my back story in dreams and flashbacks I think it will work better. It only took a white board with three colors of pens, two notebooks, and a sheet of scrap paper to figure in out. I think it’s time to start a notebook before my fiddly bits get lost in the shuffle. I’m glad I have extra shelf space in my office. Working on multiple projects at once (which it looks like I’ll be doing soon) will fill it up rather nicely.

The best part is that while there is significant re-writing to do, many parts of the story will only need light editing to make it fit with the shorter amount of time. It’s entirely possible that I could have the first draft done before June 1.

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