Marking time

Sometimes I’m getting ready to go somewhere, and I end up ready way too early. I know that half an hour is more than enough time to get the dishwasher unloaded, scoop litter, and start a load of laundry, and sometimes I do those things. Sometimes I end up on my computer goofing off. Those are the days when I’m feeling overwhelmed by my schedule and for whatever reason, my brain refuses to believe that I have time to get things done.

That’s the way my week is heading. I have things to do, and I’m getting them done, but I know sooner or later I’m going to flop down in front of the TV, completely overwhelmed. I’m leaving Thursday for a writers’ conference, and I’m about ready to go. I just need to pack the stuff I’ve chosen, switch purses, and get gas. I also have to take Vicky to the DMV, work, go to band practice, and have dinner with a friend. Part of me wants to throw my stuff in the car and go. The rest knows I have to be a grown-up and take care of first things first. Hence the eventual overwhelm-ment.

It’s hard sometimes to be a grown-up.

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