Slow progress

The piano has moved to its new home, and my house is partly in shambles while we repaint the office. The one green wall is now blue; the other three walls will get done in a pale yellow-ish sort of color this weekend. I think furniture delivery will coincide with Alex’s spring break, so we may have extra labor handy. I did remember to take ‘before’ pictures, and if I get brave I’ll take some ‘in progress’ pictures to post.

Other than that, the most exciting thing going on here is the delivery of the heated mattress cover I ordered last weekend. It might not get a lot of use in the short term but will be nice next winter. Now if someone would just make a cooling mattress cover, we’d be in great shape.

I think I’m making progress on Gracie Mac, but I’m not sure. Right now it’s more a collection of loosely related scenes. I have two bits to finish before the bones of the story are done, but right now I can’t in good conscience call it a first draft. It’s pretty bad when you decide you have to edit it to get it to first draft status.

Other than that, it’s finally warming up a little, and the water globes in the herbs I’m wintering in my office are empty. Again.


2 comments on “Slow progress

  1. Jean says:

    Cooling mattress cover: water bed with a broken heater. Brrrrr.

  2. EJ says:

    Oh, man, you're not kidding!

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