Contrary, or hopeful?

What is it about snow that makes me think about gardening? We got 4″ of snow last night (the largest single snowfall this year, if you can believe that), and a little while ago I ordered seeds for my garden. En route shortly are lettuce, spinach, carrots, cucumbers, and Stevia. I’m expanding production of potatoes and onions, trying pinto beans for the first time, and of course I’ll have a variety of culinary and medicinal herbs. I just have to decide how I’m going to fit everything into two raised beds. I have to rethink letting the flowerbeds go back to the wild; I might need the space for herbs.

One thing I will not be cultivating this year is tomatoes. I was unhappy with the performance of the larger variety last summer, and the cherry tomatoes are going to do whatever they please regardless of my preference. I’ll just let them do their thing, and when I get a bunch ripe, I’ll throw them in the crock pot and cook them down into sauce. (Thanks for that tip, Valerie!) If I decide I want to can whole tomatoes, the farmers market is a few miles from here. I’m pretty sure someone there will have some I can buy.


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