Quandry of the day

I’ve got nearly 40,000 words on “Still Gracie Mac.” They’re pretty good words, but I think they’re in the wrong order. I think 15-20,000 would finish her off, but as usual I’m stuck in the middle. I kind of wanted to have this done by the end of the year so I wouldn’t carry it into the new decade, but Christmas interfered with writing.

Here’s the real issue: Holly Lisle is starting the next “How To Revise Your Novel” class January 2 (or there-abouts. Registration is January 2-9.) A finished novel is required to take the class. She doesn’t say *how* finished. I’m wondering if I should sign up with a mostly-done-plot-challenged book. There is, of course, always the chance that inspiration will strike and I’ll hit on the right combination of conflict. No matter what, if I sign up for the course, it will be a VERY rough first draft. I guess I can sign up for it and download the lessons, and then start them when I’m ready. Anyone who is currently taking the class have any thoughts?

UPDATE: It occurred to me later that I cut a huge piece of Rogue Pawn. In the original, Sieger didn’t appear until almost half-way through the book. That gives me a nice sized piece of manuscript to work with. It’s not something I’d publish, probably, but it will work for a learning piece. Problem solved!

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