Left turn at, err, Charlottesville

‘Still Gracie Mac’ is trying to turn on me. I thought of a way around the legal procedure problem I ran into, but it will require a rewrite of about a quarter of what I have so far, plus I’ll have to rewrite my outline. Not a big deal; words are words. I haven’t completely decided to do it, but I’m leaning that way. For now I’m working on a later part of the story.

I’ve discovered that it’s better to write in the afternoon, not right after dinner. For some reason, my average size dinner seems to be a little on the ‘too much’ side lately. Tonight was steak (2-3 oz), garlic mashed potatoes, and broccoli, and I’m stuffed. I really haven’t been hungry all day, which is so strange for me. Not that I mind. It’s easier to grab a piece of fruit when my concentration starts to flag than to deal with actual meals. I think I see a cup of mint tea in my future, though.

Time to get some more work done. I’m working two extra days this week, and I get much less writing done on work days. I’m also getting the house ready for company at Thanksgiving. Lucky for me there’s nothing good on TV…


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