Still in progress

We’ve had a flurry of home improvements since we took Alex to school. Vicky’s boyfriend has been working on bookcases to flank the fireplace. The cherry bookcases will come back upstairs. He’s been building them in the garage and I’m in charge of painting them. Hopefully we’ll get them installed, or at least one side, this week. It’s getting crowded out there.

Vicky has caught the painting bug from me, apparently, and is re-doing ‘her’ bathroom. In red. Not a deep red; a bright, almost orange-y red. I made the mistake of not popping in to check progress often enough; she’s got the first coat on all the walls and half of the ceiling. It looks like someone has been murdered in there. It’s going to be fun to re-do when she leaves. I’d think about hiring someone to do it, but I’ll have two kids in college at that point, so I won’t have the money to!

My office is coming along, but I can’t do much more until I get the extra books out, which means I need the cherry bookcases upstairs. I’m dangerously close to work stoppage at this point. Most of the house is in shambles because I’m getting ready to move stuff. Unfortunately, none of it is stuff I can move myself. It’s frustrating but I’m trying to remain calm. I hate ‘but first’ situations when I’m waiting on someone else to do something.

The weather has been glorious. It’s been in the high 70’s for several days, and there isn’t a forecast high above 80 for the rest of this week. Of course, the local news had to do a story about how all the pools are losing business and hurting. Way to find the black lining in the clouds.

Not much else of interest. Alex is settling in very well at school and likes his classes. We’re getting used to him not being here, and Vicky is really enjoying the ‘only child’ status. The cats have been particularly twitchy lately and I’m not sure if it’s Alex’s absence, the cooler weather, or the birds flocking that has them keyed up. Likely a combination of all three.

With a little luck I’ll have everything put together with pictures to post soon.


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