The Furminator

I don’t usually do product endorsements, but I have to brag on the Furminator. A couple different friends told me how great it was, and since we started the Great Spring Shed recently I decided to try it out.

Essentially, it’s a scaled-down curry comb. The instructions say to use it in an area that’s easy to clean since it will extract an abundance of fur. Oh, boy howdy, they were not kidding! I sat down on the kitchen floor with Ryan and had a huge hand-full of fur in no time flat. A couple more passes and he won’t have anything left to make a fur ball! Tessie seemed to like it, too, but so far Chloe had just bitten it. That’s fine; she’ll settle down later and I’ll get her, too. I just have to get her when she’s in the mood to be brushed.

It does come in a variety of sizes. In fact, a friend told me that other day that they make them for horses. I got the small one and it’s just right. I highly recommend it for anyone who has pets that shed. Really, you can brush that undercoat out, or vacuum it out of the carpet later.


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