I have spent a total of six hours re-organizing my files and cleaning out my desk per the instructions of David Allen’s “Getting Things Done.” I have also formulated a game plan to finish ‘Love Never Dies’ using the Snowflake Method. I’m glad to be better organized, but it feels very compartmentalized. I’m trying to get more than just the house and writing under control, but I’m not too sure how to integrate everything else. According to David Allen, a tickler file would, in theory, do the trick, but it will only work if it’s in a place that I actually remember to check it every day. That might be my stumbling block right there. Anyone have a tried and true method?

I have managed to get a few things done today. I procured and planted banana pepper and green pepper plants, seeded two rows of spinach, and pruned the bushes in the back yard. I also eliminated a full file box of crap that had been misfiled and/or was out of date. I just looked up tax record guidelines, and it appears that I’ll be able to get rid of even more since I have a full box of nothing but tax records. So, really, I have been productive today. It just doesn’t feel like it.

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